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Health Department



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To prevent disease, promote and protect the health, environment and well-being of the people of Mason County through health status assessment, policy development and assurance.


A County that enjoys a superior quality of life, where wellness is our priority and all agencies, clubs and organizations work collaboratively to ensure Mason County is a model for healthy communities across the country.




The Mason County Health Department was formed by referendum on November 7th 1978.


In 2007, for every local tax dollar levied on behalf of Public Health, the department has generated an additional $3.91 in services through grants, Medicaid, and Medicare.


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The Mason County Health Department provides services throughout all of Mason County. Our office (also our mailing address) is located in the county seat of Havana:


Mason County Health Department

1002 East Laurel Ave.

Havana, IL 62644

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Office Hours


Closed: Friday-Sunday


Phone: 309-543-2201

Fax: 309-543-2063

For after hours emergencies dial 911



Board of Health (All Volunteer)

Kenny Beard, President

Dale Osing, Vice President

Dr. Bruce Schultz, Secretary

Dr. Beth Bittner

Lori Canada

Dr. Mike Markley

Dr. Deane Doolen




Curt J. Jibben, MS




Last update 2/21/2013