Application for Food Permit

Application for Food Permit

Application for Food Permit in Mason County

At the Mason County Health Department, we are dedicated to preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses or disease outbreaks throughout the community. Most illnesses spread due to the negligence of a single business. By choosing not to follow the rules, illness spreads like a plague through the region. In order to abide by the law, all businesses or restaurants who intend to serve food on their premises must put in their application for a food permit as soon as possible. This application will be received and approved by the Mason County Health Department before the doors may open for business on any new venture.

Application for Food Permit Process

To start, anyone interested in opening their business should contact the Mason County Health Department here, on our official website, or via phone at 309-210-0110. This is the first step in securing your application for a food permit before opening a business in the area.

The process is quite easy. First, upon receiving the application, professionals will offer their judgment on the application and the business in question. This judgment will require an on-site inspection, in most cases, to ensure everything is up to code. You should keep this in mind before sending in your application.

Food Permit Mission

The reason why such businesses require a food permit to operate is quite simple:

  • To promote health through the education of how important proper food safety and preparation can be in a restaurant environment. Customers contract illnesses through a dirty kitchen.
  • To enforce all regulations that protect food supply and investigate foodborne illnesses. Even a single sickness can be grounds for an inspection – just to ensure no one else comes down ill.
  • To provide leadership within the world of food safety and combat disease or injury that may stem through the restaurant environment.

For any questions or concerns on obtaining a food permit or what the Health Department does, call 309-210-0110.

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