Caregivers for Veterans

Caregivers for Veterans

Caregivers for Veterans

Following their incredible service to this country and our county, veterans living in Mason County deserve the very best care we can offer. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently offers caregiver support. This includes various benefits and direct support for those coming back from military service and in need of some help. Alternatively, the county can also point those in need in the right direction to receive help and care.

Adult Care Centers

One of the most common services offered by caregivers for veterans includes adult care centers. Such centers offer a safe and welcoming environment for veterans seeking the opportunity to get out of the house and take part in various activities.

Based on specific needs and a health assessment, veterans can spend their time during the week in rehabilitation. Many veterans enjoy making new connections with other veterans or disabled individuals. Socializing is vital to ensuring a healthy, stable mindset. Of course, our caregivers are trained to offer superb companionship to those under their care. A veteran who requires assistance will never have to feel alone or forgotten. Mason County Health Department caregivers devote attention to each veteran.

Home-Based Care

Veterans who are currently stuck at home or would prefer to rehabilitate in their own solitary environment have options. You can experience home-based care through a variety of services. The home-based care program at the Mason County Health Department offers a daily routine of health services for a veteran who experiences medical issues that make it challenging for them to move around too far from the house.

Home-based caregivers for veterans can often include physical rehabilitation, mental health care, social work, and referrals.

For any questions or further inquiries regarding health care or caregivers for veterans within Mason County, contact the local Health Department via our site or by phone at 309-210-0110.

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