Disease Outbreaks

Disease Outbreaks

Disease Outbreaks

Human beings have been dealing with disease throughout the ages. A quick glance at medical history shows that epidemics cause more deaths than even natural disasters. For example, the Flu Pandemic of 1918 caused the untimely deaths of over 20 million people. Learning from history has enabled scientists and researchers the opportunity to understand and control disease outbreaks and to help the victims of such an outbreak.

Recent Disease Outbreaks

The most recent disease outbreak to strike fear across the world is the Zika Virus, which began in January of 2016 and is currently ongoing. The disease spreads through a mosquito bite and tends to cause problems during pregnancy. The disease has been found to cause serious birth defects within the unborn child’s brain, such as microcephaly. The CDC is investigating links between the Zika Virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Travel notices have been issued for various parts of the world, warning visitors of the potential contraction of the Zika Virus.

Disease Outbreak Do’s and Don’ts

You should avoid exposure to any infected people during an outbreak. Wash your hands as often as possible, especially after interacting with another person or a public space. You should also try to boost your immunity by receiving the appropriate amount of sleep and nutrition that your body requires.

Visit a Doctor

Should you be worried about contracting any type of disease, visit a doctor. The sooner the better to receive a check-up. And ask any potential questions you may have while there.

Another useful tip is to receive all of your immunizations early on to prevent any infection within yourself or your children. Many kids attend public school systems, where such diseases can spread rapidly through the population.

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