Flu Shots

Flu Shots

Flu Shots in Mason County

Medical posters are displayed each year, urging everyone to receive a flu shot. Flu shots protect against influenza. This is a treatable yet serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and, in some extreme cases, death. Influenza is easy to spread, and it affects people in different ways.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu season starts in October and ends in May. To protect yourself this season, here’s what you need to know about flu shots.

How do flu shots work?

Influenza, or the flu, is caused by harmful viruses in your body. That’s why there’s no over-the-counter product that will fight the flu. They will only treat the symptoms. To fight a virus, you need a vaccine.

In order for a vaccine to work, a small, weaker part of the virus must be injected into your body. Your body will recognize this invader and fight it off, thereby developing the antibodies needed to defend against this attack again.

Flu shots take about two weeks to work inside your body. Receiving this shot will protect against certain types of the flu virus. This includes the most common ones that season.

Why do I need one every year?

The flu shots change every year because the virus itself changes constantly. There are hundreds of strands of the flu virus, some more potent than others. Each year, researchers try to predict which strands of the flu virus will be most common. Citizens’ vaccines include strands of the flu virus in them.

Furthermore, your body’s response to the flu vaccine will also decrease over time. To keep yourself protected, you need to get flu shots at least once a year. The flu virus is constantly changing. As a result, last year’s vaccine might not be effective against this year’s vaccine strands.

Where can I get a flu shot?

The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive the vaccination every year. As a result, you can get your flu shots directly from the Mason County Health Department. For children under the age of 19, parents can save hundreds of dollars on vaccines by visiting our central location. Finally, call our number below to make an appointment today!

Flu shots will help keep you healthy this flu season. To find out more, contact the Mason County Health Department by phone at 309-210-0110 or online.

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