Temporary Food Permit

Temporary Food Permit

Temporary Food Permit

In Mason County, many food-based businesses are ready to open their doors. The first step to completing this goal should be to apply for a temporary food permit before moving forward whatsoever. The permit is a requirement for all restaurants that serve food. This includes any fixed location for a short period of time. A temporary food permit generally applies to booths, kiosks, or food carts for special events. County fairs, community events, and the like always serve food. These eateries need to have a permit to serve any food items.

Applying for the permit is quite easy; click here to download our application and send it back to the Mason County Health Department to start. Afterward, your application process will begin.

Temporary Food Permit Safety Measures

The Mason County Health Department takes pride in offering a certain level of service to all residents, most of all when it comes to food service providers – both fixed and temporary. Citizens applying to receive their own temporary food service permit have requirements. To ensure no foodborne illnesses can be spread, an inspection will be performed by a professional. A food permit can then be issued to an eatery in the region.

Food Inspections

An inspector performs food inspections on behalf of the Mason County Health Department. Inspectors explore various food establishments throughout the region. Inspections are conducted anywhere from one to three times per year, depending upon the risks.

Furthermore, the Health Department takes a stance towards the health and safety of residents in Mason County. Food-based illnesses are no laughing matter. Therefore, ensuring any temporary business follows all laws is vital. As a result, the proper identification is important to ensuring a safe, fun experience at any eatery in the county. In conclusion, this task is taken very seriously by those at the Mason County Health Department. Contact the department today for further information.

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