Well Permit

Well Permit

Well Water Testing

There are many reasons landowners apply for a well permit through the Mason County Health Department. Usually, citizens are looking to add to their existing land in the countryside or to extend their rural premises with an on-site well. A well is often a wonderful idea for those who grow crops or tend to livestock in the rural areas of the country. In a more urban environment, however, most homeowners will not require the actual use of a well. Instead, such an addition to their property would more likely be purely aesthetic.

Still, many homeowners want a well on their property. Aesthetically, a well can offer a nice centerpiece to a large yard. Alternatively, those homeowners who would get use from their well would have a new source of water.

Applying for a Well Permit

When applying for a well permit, one may simply call the Mason County Health Department directly at 309-210-0110 and/or fill out this application. The process is quite easy, and homeowners filling out the application will be required to provide verification. Said information includes their personal information, their land, and their building intentions.

On Your Land

Prior to any form of construction or modification to your land, a well permit is required. All wells are tied into the local groundwater supply. Furthermore, a soil test may need to be conducted before actual construction may take place. If this is the case, include such information when speaking with those at the Health Department. You may call the number listed below for further information on the matter.

Take the necessary steps beforehand to ensure the construction of your well goes off without a hitch. All proper documents, procedures, and applications should be prepared beforehand.

Do not hesitate to contact our organization with any questions or concerns. Call the Mason County Health Department today at 309-210-0110.

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