What to Feed My Baby

What to Feed My Baby

What to Feed My Baby

There comes a time in every new parent’s life when the stress of feeding their child in the first year feels somewhat overwhelming. This is where we come in at the Mason County Health Department. The mind begins to break apart and numerous questions will roam freely, including such questions as:

  • What to feed my baby?
  • How much to feed the newborn?
  • And when to introduce new foods?

These are all valid questions, of course, but they require a bit of thought and some external research. This is especially important for a new parent.

What to Feed My Baby?

Believe it or not, you do not need to introduce new foods to your child in any particular order. If you would love to give your child a bit of tofu or vegetables at six months, then go right ahead. A good tip is to ensure the food is small enough for the baby to consume, though.

Cereal is a traditional first hard food for newborn children in the United States, but some new parents have actually tried introducing mashed fruit or vegetables around the same time period instead.

Food Allergy Caution

Many people today suffer from some type of food allergy. It is vital to check with your doctor to ensure your newborn does not have a food allergy, or if they do, that you adhere to their food requirements. Introducing fish, eggs, or peanuts can be a risky maneuver. The parent must be sure of what exactly their child can eat safely.

Birth to 4 Months

Between the birth period and 4 months, one should only feed their newborn breast milk or formula. That means absolutely NO solid foods! Solid food is considered a no-go due to the child’s digestive tract developing.

Stick with formula or milk. The rooting reflex instilled within your child at birth will automatically allow them to turn to a nipple for nourishment. If you are concerned for your child’s health or confused about how to properly nourish your child, consider stopping in to our Family Planning Clinic for assistance. We’d be happy to work with you for your newborn.

For any questions relating to a baby’s nourishment, contact 309-210-0110.

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